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Hello all!

Anyone who has followed my recent posts a little, has probably come across my current project. In the conclusive part of my exhibition I end up asking questions about what’s really important for us in life as individuals, what we want, what we need and so forth. To gather real answers from people of all ages I incorporated a short questionnaire. Here and now a HUGE THANK YOU to all who participated and posted their answers into my oversized shopping bag! It means a great deal and I have now started to analyse the data. I am very intrigued about the results. So much so that I‘d like to continue my little study and make a follow up project out of it. Now here‘s the thing: I just can’t not ask you lovely peeps whether you‘d be willing to submit your answers online. I won‘t ask for your name, email address or any other personal information other than your age.

The only thing important is what you want, and what you need ;)

Again, it means a lot if you’d take the time for my 7 little questions. Thanks a million! Love, Sandra xxx